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8 July 2018

China Mission 2018, from June 30 to July 8, 2018

An economic delegation from Geneva was in China from June 30 to July 8, 2018. This strategically-important…

26 March 2018

A further decrease in the crime rate in Geneva

As in 2016, police crime statistics showed a drop in the number of criminal offenses in Geneva….

20 February 2018

Operation Papyrus: halfway to completion, we have a working system

Launched in February 2017 by the canton of Geneva, Operation Papyrus had two ambitions: to eliminate undeclared…

23 September 2017

The courageous challenge of Pierre Maudet

A feature report by Niels Ackermann and Laure Lugon Zugravu.

20 September 2017

The supporters list for my candidature for the Federal Council

Eric Leyvraz, Président du Grand Conseil et président du Comité de soutien François Longchamp, Président du Conseil…

29 August 2017

An increase in the numbers of foreign nationals

The current low level of foreign nationals is causing concern for both the authorities and businesses alike….

23 June 2017

New cantonal operational concept for fire protection and rescue

After several years of work, I am happy to have accomplished a further stage in the in-depth…

2 June 2017

Strengthening the equipment of the cantonal police

Protecting the population and giving our police the means to do so is what is at stake….

1 June 2017

Geneva adopts digitalswitzerland

Following my encouragement, the Canton of Geneva has decided to join the digitalswitzerland initiative, and has announced…

30 May 2017

A decrease in the costs of our normal naturalization procedures

In January 2017, the Grand Council voted in favor of draft legislation filed by the Council of…

11 May 2017

Strengthening of the tripartite system for the employment market

The Employment Market Regulatory Council has reviewed the actions taken in 2016. It has also published the…

28 April 2017

Organization of the final of the Swiss Cup at Geneva Stadium

We made a success of hosting the final of the Swiss Cup football tournament at Geneva Stadium….

27 March 2017

Publication of the crime statistics for 2016

For the fifth year in a row, crime is down in Geneva – spectacularly down (around 50%…

16 March 2017

Campaign against employment discrimination

Despite some progress on the issue, various types of discrimination continue to be seen in the employment…

15 March 2017

Unveiling of the security strategy for 2030

Identifying the public security challenges of the future enables us to prepare ourselves to confront them. Achieving…

21 February 2017

Operation Papyrus, fight against working on the black

Operation Papyrus is the fruit of multiple years of ground work, and is a pragmatic, all-around and…

5 December 2016

Roll-out of a global concept for dealing with radicalization

I wanted to see the introduction of a new system able to deal comprehensively with the problem…

2 November 2016

The Grand Council’s passing of the new law on the organization of prison staff

Through the new law governing the organization of prison staff, I wanted to introduce a single status…

13 October 2016

Law governing taxis and public transportation vehicles for hire with driver (LTVTC)

The issue of taxis and the related professions is a regular subject of acrimonious debate in politics…

26 September 2016

Hosting of the SIBOS conference at Palexpo

Every year, for one week, Sibos is the gathering place for more than 8,000 executives, decision-takers and…

12 September 2016

Security and transparency of electronic voting

CHvote is characterized by three facts: it’s public, it’s Swiss, and it’s Open-Source. To pursue its growth,…

19 May 2016

Start of works on the east wing of Geneva Airport

I officially launched the commencement of work on the east wing of Geneva Airport. It’s an investment…

2 May 2016

Founding of a police-population arbitration authority

The inception of a mediation authority to arbitrate between the police and the general public constitutes a…

23 March 2016

Presentation of 2015 crime statistics.

Since taking office, I have been constantly improving the quality of life in Geneva and reducing crime…

28 February 2016

Public vote in favor of relocating the Les Vernets camp

The result of the vote means that we are going to relocate the existing Les Vernets facility…

9 February 2016

Presentation of the 2015 economic promotion report

This year, no fewer than 31 foreign companies chose Geneva to set up their European operations, mainly…

26 January 2016

Setting priority objectives for economic development

Five months after presenting a new economic strategy for the canton, I presented ten objectives now considered…

17 December 2015

Upscaling of the battle against cybercrime

My action in terms of the fight against crime isn’t limited simply to what happens on our…

13 November 2015

Paritary business inspectorate

The setting-up of a paritary business inspectorate is one of my principal accomplishments in the current government….

6 November 2015

Filing of the new draft secularism law with the Grand Council

The new draft law on secularism should not be seen as a revolution, but rather as an…

9 October 2015

Inauguration of the Brénaz +100

One key to a lower crime rate is adequate capacity in penal establishments, so that law-breakers can…

18 September 2015

Voting by the Cantonal Parliament of the transfer of assets from the Free Ports

The Free Ports represent one of the jewels of the crown of our economic system. In this…

27 August 2015

Presentation of the new Taxis Act

25 August 2015

Presentation of the 2030 economic strategy

In many fields, the Canton is planning for the future: waste management, development, energy. But so far…

31 May 2015

Cleaning up of the Free Ports situation

Since the report of the Federal Audit Office in April 2014, which pinpointed the systemic risks involved,…

23 March 2015

Presentation of 2014 crime statistics.

Since taking office, I have been constantly improving the quality of life in Geneva and reducing crime…

19 March 2015

Food, Beverage, Accommodation and Entertainment Act (LRDBHD)

This new act is one of the most important of the legislature. It is the fruit of…

8 March 2015

Police Act (LPol)

One of the main tasks of this legislature has been to give our police a modern legal…

19 February 2015

Presentation of the 2014 economic promotion report

With the establishment of 35 companies in Geneva resulting in the creation of 170 short-term jobs and…

2 February 2015

Concept for securing SFC/GSHC sports events

In collaboration with the Servette Football Club (SFC) and the Geneva-Servette Hockey Club (GSHC), I have set…

8 December 2014

The signing of the inter-cantonal agreement (GE, VD, VS) on the training of the Geneva police in Savatan

A co-operation between the cantonal police is first of all a joint training of the different police…

30 October 2014

Implementation of a new concept of fire protection

Through this concept, I want to set up a fire and rescue organisation that meets the needs…

15 October 2014

Les Pâquis gets a security video system

A security video system does not replace a police presence in the streets. But it does provide…

2 October 2014

Commemoration of Geneva gendarmerie’s bicentennial

In 2014, the 200th anniversary of the birth of the Republic and Canton of Geneva modern police…

10 June 2014

Introduction of a new naturalization process

After in-depth reform of the Cantonal Office for Population and Migration (the OCPM), I have announced that…

15 May 2014

Presentation of the 2013 economic promotion report

Economic promotion is not only about bringing in new businesses. It also supports local businesses. I am…

22 April 2014

Strengthening economic promotion

The deletion of a superfluous hierarchical level and the linking of the former department of economic promotion…

4 April 2014

Inauguration of Curabilis

Geneva fulfilled on Friday a 45-year-old promise made to the Latin cantons, with the inauguration of the…

24 March 2014

Presentation of 2013 crime statistics.

Since taking office, I have been constantly improving the quality of life in Geneva and reducing crime…

18 March 2014

Launch of the free application "Votre Police" (Your Police)

The Geneva police have launched a mobile phone application. Its strong point: security alerts that allow you…

29 January 2014

Cantonal integration programme for migrants

As a supervisory magistrate of the Office for the Integration of Foreigners (BIE), I wanted to set…

17 January 2014

Creation of a Franco-Swiss police operational brigade to combat cross-border crime

Crime has no borders. The cantonal police have had to abandon the pursuit of criminals on numerous…

25 October 2013

Continued decline in crime

The state of crime: the downward trend is clearly confirmed during the first three quarters of 2013.

26 August 2013

Strengthening of the collaboration between security players

25 June 2013

The signing of the first Local Security Contract (CLS) with the City of Geneva

Geneva wants to complement its security system with video surveillance.

19 June 2013

Filing of the new Police Act with the Cantonal Parliament

31 May 2013

Extension of police station opening hours

The police stations offer new opening hours to the public.

12 April 2013

The signing of the first Local Security Contract (CLS) with the City of Carouge

Geneva wants to complement its security system with video surveillance.

9 April 2013

Tabling of a bill to implement a video surveillance system

Geneva wants to complement its security system with video surveillance.

14 January 2013

Skills Development of Municipal Police Officers

Proximity at the heart of security.

23 November 2012

Planification of detention and increase of prison capacity

Geneva is planning a 10-year detention plan.

19 November 2012

Presentation of the first results of the joint crime policy

Fighting crime: the first concrete actions on the ground are bearing fruit.

29 August 2012

Joint crime policy concept with the Attorney Generalf